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Why Athletes Should Be Free to Take as Many Steroids as They Want

Why Athletes Should Be Free to Take as Many Steroids as They Want

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If you don’t pay attention, it’s not difficult to conclude that the masters and their regulators are highly invested in your comfort and salvation… that they are bothering you because they care.

A little experience and brain activation should reveal that the plasticity of the structure goes deeper than that. Behind the official statement, there is special motivation that does not possess the necessary political correctness to be included in the promo.

Why are they are bothering you? Why are they looking after you?

They are not protecting you; they are protecting the narrative because it is beneficial in its current form. To do that, they are giving you shallow socially adjusted explanations designed to perpetuate the hypnosis.

Doping control is one of those notions. The mainstream megaphones say that the world of sports is deeply concerned about the health of the athletes and the integrity of the game. To preserve the purity of the vacuum, a perpetual steroid witch-hunt takes places. Those who break the rules pay fines and suffer career-ending suspensions. The harsh measures set an example and allegedly reduce the intake of performance-enhancing drugs. Naturally, the official story is empty of truth.

Why is the level of care so great? Why is the main body aggressively fighting the nasty cheaters who try to win medals by extracting them dishonestly from the hands of competitors whose glutes have never met the needle?

Anabolic Steroids Are a Political Weapon

Drugs offer a rather seductive opportunity – to control athletes and their teams. Since sports hold great importance in the life of the modern humanoid entertaining himself to death, it would not be too far-fetched to conclude that decisions involving the athletic sector can affect an entire nation or even the whole world if the proper nuances are given to a specific situation.

Edgy players and teams vanish from the equation once exposed as drug lords. Consequently, the athletes and their helpers have to remain obedient and compliant with the request of the masters.

That level of control would be impossible if steroids were legal because the option to condemn the users will not exist. Hence, the masters need PEDs banned, on paper.

The current mechanism is still clicking not because it works the best, but because it is more lucrative and potent in its current state.

A scheme of similar structure and impulse stands behind the illegal status of drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana…etc.

Those substances are more beneficial to the state and the mafia as illegal. You can’t buy them over the counter, but that does not mean that the government is worried about your health. If this was the case alcohol, sugar, tobacco and other junk would be illegal too.

Keeping the drugs outlawed renders them more useful while preserving the opportunity to play the politically correct waltz.

The illegal status of hard and soft drugs creates the following effects:

  1. Higher price. The cartels/distributors decide the price. There is a form of free market even on the underground scene, but it is not officially regulated. Extreme greed and monopoly are present.
  2. No taxes. When your business is illegal, paying standard taxes is the equivalent of paying VAT for items you have stolen. However, there are special fees (bribes…etc.) for access to the special infrastructure and protection.
  3. Questionable quality control. There is no official control behind the drugs found on the street. The lack of regulations gives extra freedom to the distributors.
  4. Increased desire. The forbidden is attractive. We want the things we can’t have.

Forget the Blue Pill Fodder

Notions like “fair play” and “honesty” often find themselves in the purposefully “blue pilled” broadcasting attacking your mind. If you want to understand what’s really going on, you have to let go of the mainstream revelations. It’s better if you treat them as enigmas/symbols that you have to decode rather than truthful clarifications.

Honesty and fair play do not exist in the human animal kingdom. When the stakes are high, everything goes. Nobody cares about bringing you an honest fight. It’s all about generating a show that attracts a crowd and therefore pays. Everything else is secondary.

Why should the state govern your body?

Consumption of illegal drugs makes you a subject to criminal charges. Why? Why are the architects so preoccupied with your state of being? If you eat your bicycle or drink rat poison, they wouldn’t care, but somehow the “high amp” stuff bothers them. I guess their love for you isn’t pure. Preserving the mechanism is the actual priority.

If you own your body, you have the right to do whatever you want with it. If you desire to take drugs, you should be free to do so. If there is a law stopping you, it implies that you are not the owner of your body since somebody else dictates what you can do with your own organism. We are not talking about a critique or an advice. It’s an order.

The regulating organs are actually claiming ownership of regular people’s bodies through force (law enforcement). In reality, however, the only owners of a free person’s body are the soul that lives in it and nature.

Will the health of the athletes deteriorate if they receive freedom to inject?

The extra allowance will stimulate extra abuse, but eventually, the market will regulate itself.

More importantly, why should I or anyone else be concerned with the health of the athletes? They are adults and should be responsible for their own preservation. Why should the world baby those individuals? Their life, their responsibility. There is no need to create extraterrestrial drama and present sports stars as martyrs.

Letting it all burn?

It’s impossible to remove drugs from sports. The infection is too big. Every consecutive procedure is a small and temporary patch. New drugs and masking agents will continue to appear. The cycle will never stop. Drugs will remain a part of the game regardless of the resources invested in the fight against illegal PEDs.

Ironically, there isn’t a definitive argument proving that the current methods are more effective than doing nothing.

Let it all burn is what I say. Let them take whatever they want in whatever quantities. As the wise men say – things will get worse before they get better. This is a special type of cleansing achieved by adding dirt.

But let’s get serious. A shift of this magnitude will not occur due to the power and money redistribution that it may cause.

Ultimately, it’s better for the system to keep investing billions into a fight that will never end.

No drugs, no progress?

Some sports are more dependent on drugs than others are. The higher the skill, the smaller the incentive to take PEDs. For example, skateboarding does not benefit much from steroid use other than for recovery. Most pro skaters don’t take anything because they don’t need it to compete. Conversely, weightlifting and other strength sports are highly dependent on drug intake because the athletes benefit greatly from extra muscle mass and strength.

Without drugs, the records in many sports will drop significantly. At one point, it becomes impossible to overcome the limits of the human body. There’s a threshold that cannot be exceeded without enhancement.

The drug-free stats will remain the same for a long time if not forever because it would take an evolutionary upgrade to go past them. Since that won’t happen, the industry needs the magic drugs to keep the miracles coming.

Summarizing the side effects of the let-them-inject-as-they-please approach

1. More independence and freedom for the average athlete

The athletes are less likely to become a victim of a political/economic strategy that has prepared an unpleasant role for them. The masters can no longer disqualify you or strip you of your medals because you happen to take what everybody else is taking. They will lose their grip on you.

2. Maybe a fairer competition

Somewhat ironically, letting people take as much as they want can actually result in a fairer competition because the starting point will be closer to equality. After all, we all know that some are more “protected” than others are when it comes to drug import.

3. The interest in sports will not drop

Sports will continue to play their role. After all, many fans are already in the now. You can go to the comments section of a sports website to confirm this. Nonetheless, once the truth becomes official even the disbelievers will have to convert.

This will undoubtedly cause some repercussions in the sector, but eventually, a recovery will take place. The stress caused by this shift will not be enough to initiate an awakening threatening the system. It would take something far stronger to produce a similar effect.

The system has nothing to fear. Sports will continue to play their role.

Note: This side effect is negative if the goal is to wake up people.

4. Some people will grow up

Far too many are over-invested into the establishment and the mainstream. Humans believe that the institutions and the economic movements are actually trying to help. Consequently, the conspiracy theorists are labeled as losers and haters who should just find a hobby and keep smiling.

Even though there’s enough evidence to know that fake natties exist, most still don’t want to believe it. It just hurts too much. The process of losing your naivete is hard and painful. Trying to avoid it is natural. Living in your bubble of memes is much more seductive – just like candies.

Admitting to rampant drug use will stimulate some maturing.

“If they lied about that, can you imagine what else they were hiding from us for so long?”

This is the type of questions that this admission will catalyze. Compared to the sets vs. reps debate this almost seems like a high-end discussion.