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The Manosphere’s Obsession with Testosterone Boosting and TRT

The Manosphere’s Obsession with Testosterone Boosting and TRT

Is this formula the saving grace of manliness?

The idea that modern men have the testosterone levels of a castrated mummy is dominant in the manosphere circle. “Get your levels checked asap!” is a common bro advice.

How can you boost your test?

There are two ways to accomplish this task – naturally and artificially. The natural way involves nutritional and behavioral changes whereas the pharmaceutical method relies on testosterone import.

In this article, I will expose both strategies for what they are really worth.

The Natural Way

The natty way includes the following:

1. Better nutrition

Foods loaded with sugar, estrogen and various forms of technological fodder have a negative impact on one’s testosterone factory.

2. Active living

The modern sedentary lifestyle (computer – car/bus – computer – phone-sleep) damages men’s testosterone levels.

Can you imagine what an ancient man would think of the current dynamics? To him, we would be as alive as trees.

We are all on autopilot – observers spending their time in a fantasy land supported by TV shows, music, sports and other endeavors that have turned us into professional watchers and listeners rather than doers.

The system, along with people’s compliance, has created a sterile human farm. The average life is boring and unfulfilling. People do jobs they hate and go to the mall on the weekend to get hypnotized by another dumb and predictable movie.

Activities that you are directly involved in, preferably outside, raise your testosterone whereas the role of an observer and a consumer puts you in a suppressed state.

3. No Porn and Masturbation

Porn is the norm. Most Google searches are sex-related. That should tell us something.

As kids, we didn’t have an easy access to sexual imagery, but we still found ways to get our hands on similar material.

Once my group of friends found an erotic magazine. We gathered and listened to a guy reading it as if it was an important manuscript. Today, people can just write whatever they want to see on their phones and have 5 trucks of terabytes to choose from.

The problem with porn is that it perverts your mind by allowing it to enter the common sexual consciousness which is full of sickness. Once exposed to it, it’s never the same.

Naturally, porn leads to excessive masturbation which in return makes you docile and content. But since you can’t cheat nature, there’s a gnawing feeling of dissatisfaction and self-hatred that stays with you for indulging.

Masturbation closes the loop of inactivity and simulation. The result is a man whose natural manliness is oppressed/medicated through the treadmill effect – you are running without going anywhere.

Does the natural way work?

Yes, it does. You can naturally increase your testosterone through nutritional and lifestyle changes. However, there’s a catch – you are not going to grow more muscle mass as a result of your higher test. If you are gaining muscle, it’s not thanks to your new exploding levels of testosterone – it’s the training combined with the extra calories and protein.

Once you become conditioned (the noob gains are gone), no amount of natural testosterone boosting voodoo will make a difference.

The Unnatural Path

This is the quickest and the most straightforward way to boost your testosterone. It comes in two forms – TRT and full-blown steroid mode (injecting for bodybuilding purposes).

The difference between the injecto way and the natural way is that the injections produce more muscle mass if the import is sufficient. Even on a relatively low dose of testosterone extra protein synthesis is catalyzed.


In order to experience the muscle building effects of testosterone, one has to increase his numbers to supraphysiological (insane) levels. Those stats cannot be reached naturally even if you are on a diet of bull testicles.

The natty dilemma is similar to the middle-class effect. Even if you go from a low middle-class income to a high middle-class income, you are still not a part of the rich men’s club. You are better off than many but not enough to experience the ultimate power of money.

What are the downsides of the two methods?

The natural way does not have side effects unless obsession takes places. Becoming a slave to your testosterone boosting plan can result in OCD and other forms of mania that will alter your mindset negatively. Other than that, the natty way is simply a healthier lifestyle. Its major downside, however, is the inability to trigger the muscle mass that many are after.

The negative aspect of the drug route is that it shuts down your testosterone production and catalyzes side effects such as acne, hair loss, gynecomastia…etc. The external problems do not manifest in all situations, but the suppression of natural testosterone applies to everyone.

Of course, the promoters will try to convince you that you can recover, but honestly, that’s a joke.

Recover to what? You will at best return to your previous levels. The recuperation period will be very long if you have been a steady user. You will feel melancholic, and your muscle mass will start to evaporate. The truth is that most TRT men stay on for life.

Why is the manosphere preoccupied with testosterone?

Men are constantly criticized and suffer a tremendous amount of oppression in a feminized digital world. Consequently, an opposition formed online – the manosphere.

The manosphere has two faces, however – that of a teacher and that of a salesman. You can learn a lot from other men who have more wisdom and experience than you, but the more you buy into an ideology, the more open you are to scams.

I am sorry to inform you, but many of the stories online are as real as people’s e-lifts – a reality in someone’s imagination. One may think that the Internet stimulates honesty because we can be anonymous, but the ego always reaches the surface. The never-ending online wars on social media and forums show that. There’s always an incentive to lie.

The most basic example would be the pick-up artist community which is also a member of the manosphere.

Here’s the truth – most of the videos online showing guys picking up chicks are:

1. Staged (hired actors, family members, friends)

2. Highlights (you are only shown the successful interactions which may be 2 out of 100)

This is the name of the game when it comes to approaching strangers. It can work, but the success rates are extraordinarily low when you account for the attempts. That happens for two major reasons:

1. You don’t know much about the person you are talking to.

2. It takes courage to approach women, but it also takes courage to accept an approach – courage that most women don’t have. Even if they are interested in you, they may reject you because you are a random dude putting them in a position they can’t handle.

Of course, the more attractive you are, the more success you will have because everything comes down to physical appearance. But even if you are a Gucci model or something, you are still going to experience mass rejections.

Yet many naive men pay for access to magic words which can allegedly get you an endless stream of women. This is the scammy face of the manosphere. The face that sells you dick pumps, fairy tales, beard boosting products…and of course, TRT.

Many guys in the sector swear by TRT. They say it has changed their existence completely – they do everything better as a result of the protocol.

While there are undeniable benefits to TRT, the overhyped promo could easily make you believe that without injections you cannot even be a man.

Articles such as “Why Your Test Levels Are Lower than You Think” are basically infomercials rationalizing and promoting steroid use. A struggling boy can get the impression that he has the body chemistry of a woman if exposed to similar material long enough.

In my case, there has always been something stopping me from taking steroids – a reflex asking the question why. Why should I take testosterone? Why should I sign a lifetime contract for injections? Why being me is not enough? I couldn’t quite buy the pitch so I kept looking.

That line of thinking led me the following conclusions:

1. TRT is a business

When is the best time to buy a house according to a real estate agent? Anytime.”

The same logic applies to the TRT clinics.

They have a huge incentive to diagnose you as a low-T man because they are dealers. Since very few men actually have optimal testosterone, almost everyone is a potential candidate for treatment.

2. Injections are an artificial solution

It’s been said that the previous generations of men had boiling testosterone. While I think that the test levels of retro men are blown out of proportion (they weren’t really that high), the differences behind the effect could only be cultural.

The test levels of old-school men were not as suppressed. That’s why they were higher, although it’s really hard to know the test results of previous generations because they were never tested.

What were the test levels of your grandfather when he was 20? Nobody knows. So, how can you be certain that he was the high-test horse the manosphere is telling you he was?

More importantly, you carry the genes of your grandfathers. You are them. Consequently, the forces behind the decline of testosterone cannot be biological or evolutionary.

Today, we can only have a comparison between old and young men. The conclusions are that many young men have test levels equal to or lower than those of their seniors.

So, what? Both are the same species after all. Both live sedentary lifestyles on average. Both are in the matrix. Why is this such a surprise? A young body that’s neglected can easily downgrade to impressive levels.

Ultimately, the TRT injections are treating the results rather than the causes. The cultural changes are still there. Putting every man over 18 on TRT because “you can’t possibly have optimal T–levels in modern times” is not a solution but a sick joke.

3. Testosterone is a drug that you adapt to

There are many success stories written by TRT injectors who claim to have reached nirvana upon enlisting. They have more energy, the hardest boners ever, more courage, more muscle mass, more money as a result of brutal assertiveness and productivity, less drama. Everything is better. I am inclined to believe those reports, but there’s a hard question that follows:

For how long?

Do you really think that you will never experience low energy once you are on test? Do you really think that you will continue to feel the same for the rest of your life?

I am sorry, but that will not happen. Sooner or later, the novelty effect will wear off.

Your new high will become your baseline. You will be numb.

Who is TRT really for?

I don’t see a reason for young healthy men to be on TRT other than bodybuilding. What is the point? Steroids accelerate hair loss, hurt your fertility, nuke your natural test centers and make you dependent on your source. Honestly, TRT is for older individuals (late 30s) and preferably men who have already reproduced.

The ideal candidate would be a 40 something man with kids and a decent income. That man has little to lose from TRT in comparison to an 18-year-old reading “alpha” blogs and concluding that he has to inject in order to fix his dangerously low testosterone levels.

Modifying Yourself for Others

A lot of people say that they work out “for themselves”. That’s a lie. You don’t work out for yourself. I can easily prove it. Imagine that you are alone. There are no other people. No one to challenge you or judge you. No one to impress. Would you still workout? Would you still obsess over your physique? Would you still care about your six-pack abs and PRs? I know I wouldn’t.

Here’s the deal. Men lift for 2 main reasons.

A. Impress other men; intimidate other men; avoid being a target;

B. impress women to get sex

Longevity and whatever else you consider “for yourself” is not on the list. If you are honest for a second, you will admit that this is the truth.

Another truth is that most men use TRT as an excuse to take steroids and benefit from bigger muscles for the reasons above. The druggies will brainwash you into thinking that something else is the driving force, but that would be a far-fetched self-righteous rationalization.

The biggest reason for men, especially in the younger zone, to consider TRT is not “fatigue”. The main priority are the extra slices of muscles that the injections induce. Yes, that’s right motherfuckers. I know.

It’s time to ask the question again – if there were no other people, would you still do it? Who are you going to impress with your muscles? The lions?

What does that tell you?

Most of the things we do are designed to modify us and elicit specific feelings within the human society.

You are doing nothing for yourself and everything for them.

If you were doing it for yourself, you wouldn’t take photos.

If you were doing it for yourself, you wouldn’t refresh your profile waiting for the likes to climb up.

If you were doing it for yourself, you wouldn’t discuss other people.

If you were doing it for yourself, you wouldn’t look in the mirror.

Men who who claim to be building aesthetic physiques “for themselves” are no different than the women who dress like sluts “for themselves”.

TRT is a modification dedicated to the outside world. That’s a fact. As such, it is subject to criticism because the inner self may be against it.

The Manosphere’s Obsession with Self-improvement

It is expected of you to be constantly improving. You have to satisfy the criteria.

This has always been a common theme in the human world, but the Internet, namely social media, took the competition to unprecedented heights. You get to compete with the whole world now. Congratulations.

The manosphere is built around self-improvement too. It implies that you can get better. While improvement is possible and helpful in many situations when men find themselves down, it also begs the question – until when? For how long are you supposed to self-improve? The answer according to many would be forever. This creates a nasty feeling inside. Knowing that you will never be good enough is painful.

We live in a consumerist world. Eventually, even people become assets/products. Hence the term – SMV (sexual market value). You are a product, my friend. If there’s a better one, you will remain on the shelf.

I met a young woman while waiting for the bus. I remember being tired and carrying a backpack. I sat next to her and liked her right away. She looked captured in some serious thought process, so I just asked her – what are you thinking about? I guess she found me “acceptable”. We talked a bit and exchanged contacts. The next day we went on a date. Amazing romance, right?


At the end of the date, she asked me if I have a car. I have never owned a car and said no. Her face made a really weird grimace that she couldn’t hide. Her voice changed too. I immediately knew what’s up.

2 days later, she told me that she is “tired of men” and not “interested in communicating anymore”. She also informed me that she “was not actually flirting” and her behavior was no different than the way she treats “everybody else”. I was like – go fuck yourself, bitch.

Had I been a better product with a car, I would have had a higher chance to be with this precious creature. Whoever I was, was not enough for her to neglect the fact that I didn’t have a personal vehicle.

When men fail like that, they naturally try to upgrade themselves in order to become more likable.

The manosphere has blueprints designed to make that upgrade happen.

The only problem is that the requirements of the modern world and women are too high. Even if you follow the strategies, not everyone can be a 5-percenter. In fact, 95% cannot be.

There’s a point beyond which self-improvement becomes one of those cycles that are supposed to produce results but never do; a talent that never delivers.

The thought process has to change. You can’t spend your whole life thinking that you must become better. Somewhat ironically, once you adopt this mindset, you will actually improve thanks to the extra freedom and lowered pressure. You will be free from the endless feeling of self-dissatisfaction.

Here’s a list of actions and products promoted one way or another by the manosphere as a way to increase your SMV value:

1. Steroids/TRT – a way to become more robust and compensate for a smaller frame

2. Wardrobe/Style improvement

3. Haircuts

4. Plastic surgery

5. Money gathering

6. Penis enlargement

7. Skill development

8. Development of communication tactics better known simply as “game”

All of the above is primarily (as in 99%) done to attract women. And while there is no doubt that indulging in self-improvement will increase your value on the dating market, it takes a toll on your mental state. Constantly trying to “better yourself” instead of living is demoralizing.


1. Natural testosterone boosting will improve the quality of your life thanks to the positive lifestyle changes that it requires. However, it will NOT stimulate extra growth directly. You need to put your test levels into the orbit to make that happen.

2. It’s actually ok to have “sub-optimal” testosterone. If you think that you need to be in the optimal zone to do manly things, you are wrong.

3. TRT is designed for older males. Young men using it have more to lose, namely their hair and fertility. There are no guarantees that you will experience those consequences, but they are a real possibility and deserve a mention.

4. TRT and other forms of testosterone are a business, not a man maker. Just because they sell it, it does not mean that you need it.