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7 Best Steroids to Get #JACKED {2018 Update}

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There’s over 100 anabolic steroids available today (1), which are used by millions of weight lifters and athletes worldwide, to enhance their physiques.

In this article we’ll be focusing on the 7 best steroids for bodybuilding. The following AAS are taken by the best bodybuilders in the world (Mr Olympia pros), all the way down to your average gym rat (down your local gym).

What Are the Best Steroids to Take?

This depends on your goals…and this doesn’t just mean whether you’re bulking or cutting, but how you want to LOOK.

For example if you want to build muscle but you don’t want any water retention – trenbolone or winstrol are the best steroids for the job. Or you might want to build as much mass as humanly possible, in which case anadrol or dianabol would be good options.

If you ask a bodybuilder, “which are the best steroids to take?” – they’ll all answer differently.  This is because one person might have awesome muscle gains on winstrol, but the next guy might not. Thus your results when using steroids often depends on your genetics, and how your body responds to different anabolics. Also your dosage and what steroids you stack together will play a role in how much muscle you gain, or fat you lose.

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In this article we’ll address all the different goals bodybuilders have, and the best steroids to help achieve each of those goals. Lets begin!

Best Anabolics for Bulking (#Mass)


This is what most guys take steroids for…to build a tonne of muscle and become a more-alpha version of their former selves.

Bulking steroids have the ability to add 50lbs of muscle to your frame (2).

I’ve seen some incredible transformations where bodybuilders practically balloon in size, thanks to a powerful steroid stack.

Here are the 5 best steroids for mass:

  • Dianabol
  • Anadrol
  • Trenbolone
  • Testosterone
  • Deca Durabolin


Dianabol is the steroid every newbie juicer flocks to buy on the black market for their first cycle. Why? Because it’s probably the best steroid on the planet.

This was Arnold’s favourite steroid back in the 70’s for a reason. Dianabol has the power to transform okay physiques into great ones.

In terms of building muscle, it’s probably the best with anadrol. However, dianabol is a favourite steroid among many (whereas anadrol isn’t).


Because dianabol is less toxic than anadrol, so the side effects are less harsh.

This is why many newbie steroid-users might run a dianabol alone, during their first cycle. Whereas running anadrol in your first cycle, would be like asking for a death wish.

…Not that it would actually kill you, but it’s like jumping in the deep end when you’ve just learned how to swim. Sure, a lifeguard will probably jump in and pull you out, but it’s not a good idea.

You can expect to gain roughly 30lbs from a dianabol-cycle. Most of this will be muscle tissue.

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As just mentioned, anadrol when it comes to muscle gains is truly exceptional.

If you’re talking purely size gains and you forget about side effects for a moment – anadrol is probably THE best steroid for bulking (mass).

Your muscles will literally blow up and your strength will go through the ceiling on anadrol. The main criticisms of anadrol are the side effects and losing gains after a cycle.

You won’t lose any more muscle on anadrol (post-cycle) than you will from taking other steroids. However, because bodybuilders sometimes lose a considerable amount of size coming off anadrol, they assume they’re losing muscle. WRONG. The reason why your muscles can shrink a bit coming off anadrol is because it causes a lot of water retention.

Thus when you cycle off, this water retention will go, which was contributing to the size of your muscles previously on-cycle.

However, water retention isn’t all bad because it makes your muscles look ridiculously full and increases your strength in the gym. So there’s pros and cons.

You can expect to gain 30-35lbs from an anadrol cycle, with about 2/3’s of this being muscle, and the rest water.

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If you want to build A LOT of muscle, but you want to avoid water retention like it’s the plague – trenbolone’s the best steroid to take.

As users will tell you, trenbolone is SUPER powerful.

Trenbolone is a steroid you take and EVERYONE knows you’re on roids. This is because it makes you look like you were made in photoshop.

Because it’s extremely androgenic, people will mistake your shoulders for boulders. And your traps will look like real-life cobras.

Also you’ll become super vascular, as it has diuretic properties. So all the water hanging around outside your muscle cells, will be flushed out. As a result your veins will rise to the surface of your skin and your muscle definition will increase a few notches. Trenbolone is what I like to call – a very ‘aesthetic steroid’. This is because you can keep a tiny waist and avoid any bloating when bulking on tren.

Like anadrol, because trenbolone is so freaking powerful, you’re likely to experience some nasty side effects so be warned.

On trenbolone you can expect to gain 20lbs of muscle mass when bulking.

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Testosterone was the first steroid to ever exist, and it’s still very popular today (which should tell you something).

Testosterone is a very good steroid in any bulking stack…or cutting stack for that matter.

When bulking, testosterone will give you BIG muscle gains. It’s similar to dianabol in how it works (for building mass), but it’s slightly less powerful.

Testosterone is a favourite in the bodybuilding world because it’s so versatile. It builds muscle, burns fat, increases strength; and it’s not the most toxic steroid in the world.

It’s also one of the best steroids for beginners because it’s side effects are often tolerated/manageable when taken in sensible doses.

On a testosterone-only cycle you can expect to gain 20lbs of muscle.

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Deca Durabolin

Deca durabolin is often under-hyped, but it’s still one of the best steroids for bulking.

Size and strength gains on deca are fantastic come the end of your cycle.

I believe deca durabolin isn’t massively popular because it’s pretty slow-acting with long esters. As a result you won’t gain a tonne of muscle fast on deca, but it’s not really what you look like at the start of your cycle – but the end.

When someone’s taking deca durabolin, they stand out a mile.

…Even next to other bodybuilders on steroids.

That’s because on deca your muscles will become insanely full. Your muscles will never retain as much glycogen and water compared to when you’re on deca durabolin.

Arnold in his prime was thought to be running deca durabolin with dianabol, which makes complete sense as his muscles looked like they were constantly pumped. So, when he actually got a pump IN the gym, his skin actually looked like it was going to burst.

…Which brings my memory back to that famous Pumping Iron scene when Arnie’s talking about his pump, and casually compares it to having sex (lol).

On deca durabolin you can expect to gain 20lbs of muscle.

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Best Steroids for Strength

The 5 bulking steroids listed (above) are the best steroids for strength.

  • Dianabol
  • Anadrol
  • Trenbolone
  • Testosterone
  • Deca durabolin

With special mentions to trenbolone and anadrol, which will literally give you Hulk-like strength.

Also anavar is a good steroid for strength as it fills the INSIDE of your muscle cells with water and has a significant impact on DHT levels.

Best Compounds for Cutting

frank zane

Otherwise known as the best steroids for burning fat (or losing weight.

These are:

  • Anavar
  • Winstrol
  • Clenbuterol (not a steroid per se)
  • Trenbolone
  • Testosterone

Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Anavar is one of the best steroids for cutting – and one of the most coveted steroids ever.

Anavar burns fat, increases strength, adds muscle size AND is the least toxic steroid to take. Thus it’s a steroid that everyone wants. If you throw into the equation – not many companies manufacture real oxandrolone – you’ve got a very expensive steroid; due to a lot of demand and very little supply.

Anavar burns fat by increasing insulin sensitivity and blocking cortisol. Insulin and cortisol when at high levels cause fat storage. If your body is able to effectively regulate these hormones to the right quantities – your body can reverse this effect and effectively burn fat.

With anavar being a great strength-boosting steroid and increasing testosterone and reducing cortisol levels; you’ll be much better equipped to keep your muscle when cutting.

Anavar is great for water distribution, with it expelling water outside of your muscles and filling water INSIDE your muscles. This combination means your muscle tone will vastly improve and your muscles will look more dry and full.

With a small calorie-deficit diet, you can expect to lose 3lbs a week on anavar. Without dieting you can expect to lose 1lb of fat per week on anavar.

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Winstrol is a powerful steroid, with many benefits, however its main attribute is fat loss.

When using winstrol during a cutting cycle you can expect to burn a significant amount of fat, build (some) muscle and increase strength.

Most people utilize winstrol when cutting as its fat burning effects are stronger, than its ability to build muscle.

Winstrol burns fat the same way as anavar, by blocking cortisol, increasing testosterone and becoming more sensitive to insulin. Also with the additional benefit of building muscle on winstrol, your metabolism will become faster, enhancing further fat-burning.

We believe Zac Efron used winstrol when he got shredded for Baywatch. Why do we think this? Because he lost a significant amount of fat, built a moderate amount of muscle and looked insanely dry. He also looked very aged in the face, which is typical of winstrol as it decreases collagen production.

On winstrol you can expect to gain 10lbs of muscle and lose 1lb of fat per week (without dieting). With a lower calorie diet you can lose 2lbs of fat per week on winstrol.

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Okay, I know clenbuterol isn’t officially a steroid, but it’s one of the most utilized cutting drugs used in bodybuilding; and it’s insanely powerful for burning fat – so it makes the list.

Clenbuterol is probably the best compound on this list for burning fat. However, it won’t do anything to help you keep your muscle mass when cutting, so bodybuilders often stack clenbuterol with other fat-burning steroids like winstrol or anavar.

Clenbuterol is also very effective at increasing energy levels, as it arouses your CNS (central nervous system). Consequently, your body will produce more adrenaline and you’ll get a constant surge of energy. This can make your workouts a lot more intense, with shorter rests and more reps/sets being completed (compared to normal).

On clenbuterol, with a strict diet you can expect to burn roughly 3lbs of fat per week.

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Trenbolone & Testosterone

Yes, these “bulking steroids” are also 2 of the best steroids for cutting.

One – because they’re insanely anabolic so you’ll be able to build muscle when dieting (when other bodybuilders are worried about losing muscle).

Two – because they’re effective at burning fat. Not as effective as winstrol, clenbuterol or anavar; but if you add testosterone or trenbolone to your cutting stack – you’ll burn more fat.

Best Compounds for Beginners

The best steroids for beginners are ones which are the least harsh on the body (or toxic). As a result, beginners will be able to tolerate these compounds better than going full steam ahead.

The safest/best steroids for beginners are:

  • Testosterone
  • Anavar
  • Dianabol
  • Deca durabolin
  • Clenbuterol (not a “steroid” I know).

So it depends what your goal is, but if it’s your first cycle and you want to build as much muscle as possible – the best steroid to take would be dianabol. Closely followed by testosterone and deca durabolin.

If you’re super anxious about side effects you can opt for testosterone, which is the safest of the 3.

The best protocol for a beginner is to take 1 steroid for your first cycle instead of stacking AAS together; and to use sensible (low doses) to begin with.

If you’re a beginner and you want to take steroids to burn fat – anavar or clenbuterol are the best steroids.

…Or “compounds” in clenbuterol’s case.

However, clenbuterol WILL significantly elevate your blood pressure, so this should be avoided if you have heart problems (or they run in the family).

If you’re a beginner, stay away from anadrol and trenbolone. These steroids are only for advanced users, who’s bodies have built up tolerance through several cycles.

Best Roids to Get Ripped


To be ripped, means to have a low body fat percentage, with a good level of muscle mass.

Thus the best steroids to get ripped can be defined as AAS which build muscle AND burn fat (at the exact same time).

These are:

  • Testosterone
  • Trenbolone
  • Winstrol

However, if you’re happy with your muscle mass and you just need to burn fat in order to get ripped, you can take the best cutting steroids (listed above).

All of these steroids can get you ripped when combined with regular explosive workouts and a disciplined diet.

Best Steroids Online

You can buy anabolic steroids online but we don’t recommend you go down this road for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s illegal
  2. You’re likely to get scammed online

So if you didn’t know, buying anabolic steroids (without a prescription) is illegal.

…At least in USA, UK and almost every country in the world.

The only way you can get a prescription to use these steroids is to have an urgent medical reason to be prescribed them. Which means having HIV or being severely underweight. Thus if you’re a bodybuilder there’s no chance of being prescribed these steroids unless you find a corrupt doctor (not an easy task).

You’re also likely to get scammed online because you’re not buying from reputable websites or businesses. Anyone selling anabolic steroids is acting illegally, so you’re trusting a criminal to give you the right steroids, in the right dosages on a regular basis. This is quite a leap of faith.

Recommended: Legal Steroids

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However, if you did want a source for the best steroids online, we do recommend legal steroids.

These are compounds created to copy their anabolic equivalents. Thus D-Bal (the legal steroid) will mimic the effects of the anabolic steroid – dianabol.

So legal steroids will produce the same effects in the body as anabolic steroids, but without the side effects. As a result, the FDA have approved them to be sold online and they’re 100% legal and safe to take.

Here are the best legal steroids (you can buy online):


  • D-Bal (dianabol)
  • Androle (anadrol)
  • Testo-Max (testosterone)
  • Decaduro (deca durabolin)
  • Trenorol (trenbolone)


  • Anvarol (anavar)
  • Clenbutrol (clenbuterol)
  • Winsol (winstrol)

All of these legal steroids are manufactured by an online company called Crazy Bulk. These guys are the most reputable and trusted company in their niche. And they have plenty of happy customers to suggest their steroids actually work.

For more info on legal steroids, visit the Crazy Bulk website here.


Here’s a quick recap of the 7 best steroids to take:

  • Dianabol
  • Anadrol
  • Deca durabolin
  • Testosterone
  • Trenbolone
  • Anavar
  • Winstrol
  • Clenbuterol

(I didn’t count clenbuterol as the 8th as it’s not technically a steroid).

If you haven’t taken steroids before, and you’re interested in taking them, please don’t go and impulsively buy some from the nearest dealer. Steroids can be dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

A better option would be to experiment with legal steroids first, as this is within the law and A LOT safer. Plus some people are making great gains with anabolics from Crazy Bulk.

Crazy Bulk’s best steroid is D-Bal right now, so if you can afford it – order that in a bulking stack alongside decaduro, testo-max and trenorol.

If money is short, you can just run D-Bal by itself, which is their best-seller.

Do you have any experience with anabolic steroids? What are the best steroids in your opinion? Let us know by dropping a comment in the box below.

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