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Dianabol Review {W/Pics} – Can You Really Gain 30lbs on D-Bol?

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Dianabol, or methandrostenolone, is one the most popular anabolic steroids in existence. One of the reasons it’s so highly coveted is because it’s very fast-acting, causing users to build significant amounts of muscle and strength quickly. It’s also fairly easy to buy via the black market, making it a temptation for millions of men worldwide.

The street name for dianabol is ‘dbol’.

This steroid is used by bodybuilders and athletes who require extra muscle and strength in order to excel in their chosen sporting field. It’s also used by average Joe’s who want to pack on more muscle, in a bid to look better; or more attractive to the opposite sex.

Dianabol was originally designed by John Bosley Ziegler (1), an American physician who synthesized the drug in 1955. Doctors began prescribing methandrostenolone to patients just 3 years later.

The creation of Dianabol in the US was inspired by the Russian testosterone program. Before Dianabol was invented, Russia were giving synthetic testosterone to their athletes, in order to gain an advantage over other nations. Thus dianabol was America’s response to the Soviet’s testosterone program.

In later years, particularly the 1970s, dianabol-use became increasingly mainstream. Its profound effects on muscle growth were well-heard of and it was legal to obtain via a prescription from your doctor (without a medical need).

Arnold Schwarzenegger was also thought to be taking dianabol (2) during his bodybuilding career, winning 7x Mr Olympia titles.

Although dianabol is illegal now, it’s still popular for the same reasons when it was used 60 years ago. In the next section of this article, we’ll look at the benefits and side effects of taking dianabol.

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Dianabol Benefits

Here’s some of the main reasons why bodybuilders take dianabol:

#1 Muscle Growth – for bodybuilders and strength athletes, one of the components they’re constantly striving for is more muscle. Dianabol has been shown to help users gain weight, in the form of building muscle and intracellular fluid (water weight).

In a study by PubMed, dianabol increased body weight, potassium, nitrogen; as well as increasing muscle size, strength, and overall leg performance (3).

#2 Added Strength – In a study by Lancet (1976) men took 100mg/day of Dianabol for 6 weeks (4). The subjects gained a significant amount of weight. This contributed to users in this trial also experiencing increased strength and performance during the training period.

Significant increases in strength during compound lifts like the squat, deadlift, pull up, dips and bench press are common when taking dianabol. Lifting heavier weight during these exercises can result in more testosterone being produced by your body and more muscle growth.

There are some studies conducted on rats which concluded that dianabol had no positive effect on strength. However, these findings are contradicted by other studies such as Lancet 1976 and real-user experiences.

#4 Speeds Up Protein Synthesis

Dianabol significantly improves protein synthesis.

What is protein synthesis? The process in which the body utilizes and creates new proteins which can be used to build new muscle tissue. Thus protein synthesis speeds up the muscle building process and helps improve recovery time in between workouts. This enables someone on dianabol to train more often/longer (without overtraining), compared to a natural bodybuilder

#5 Increases Glycogenolysis

Glycogenolysis is the bodies ability to use and store carbohydrates efficiently. For example when lifting weights, the body needs carbohydrates (glycogen) stored inside the muscle cells to help your muscles train for longer.

Higher glycogen levels provide the body with energy to train harder and achieve more reps. Glycogen also increases muscular cell swelling, also known as ‘the pump’. This makes look bigger during a workout. This ‘pump’ is an anabolic signal to promote further muscle growth, as it stretches the muscle fascia.

Dianabol will increase the bodies ability to use carbohydrates for building muscle, by increasing glycogen storage inside the muscle cells. This will also cause your muscles to look fuller outside of the gym.

#6 Muscle retention

Although Dianabol is typically taken during the off season for ‘bulking’ phases, it also helps a user retain muscle during a calorie restrictive ‘fat loss’ phase.

When combined with a calorie deficit, dianabol allows users to maintain more muscle, due to enhanced protein synthesis levels (keeping your body in an anabolic state). This is a great benefit, as bodybuilders often lose muscle during cutting phases, where calories are low (shifting them into a catabolic state).

However, it’s worth pointing out that dianabol is mostly used in bulking cycles, where higher calories can compliment the muscle and strength gains.

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Dianabol Side Effects

Taking powerful steroids like dianabol can drastically alter your body’s hormonal profile. This is a huge advantage when it comes to building muscle, but is a disadvantage in regards to your overall health.

Dianabol can produce some harsh side effects in users. Here are the main ones below:

#1 Testicular Damage – In a study conducted on rats in 2015, it was shown that over an 8 week period dianabol caused a decrease in sperm count, and an increase in dead sperm (5).

#2 Hair Loss – Hair loss is something that affects lots of men and taking anabolic substances will raise the levels of DHT in your body, which can lead to hair loss or thinning (6).

Steroids like dianabol can speed up hair loss, however this is generally only noticeable in those who are genetically predetermined to go bald.

#3 Liver Damage

Whilst some people can take Dianabol and get no long-term liver damage, the frequent elevation of serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase, alkaline phosphate, and bromsulphalein (7) suggest as a warning to not abuse this powerful steroid.

Jaundice, acute cholestatis, and peliosis hepatic can be triggered by steroids that cause liver toxicity. Dianabol is in this category, especially as lots of users take it orally, meaning it’s more likely to damage the liver (8). Injecting dianabol will take the strain off your liver, but may result in other severe side effects, such as increased blood pressure.

#4 Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia, also abbreviated as ‘gyno’, is the enlargement of a man’s breasts; which forms due to a hormonal imbalance.

Dianabol does have a bad reputation for gynecomastia, due to an increase in estrogen levels.

Many users can avoid this negative side effect, by taking additional drugs like Nolvadex (an anti-estrogen). Some users experience mild forms of gynecomastia and others won’t. This is down to genetics, however if educated users will know how to prevent any breast tissue forming by using appropriate drugs like nolvadex, clomid or arimidex.

Is Dianabol Legal?


Dianabol is a schedule III controlled substance, meaning it’s illegal to buy without a prescription from your doctor. Failing to abide by this law, and selling dianabol on the black market could result in a 14 year prison sentence (9).

Doctors now will only prescribe anabolic steroids like dianabol, if there is an urgent medical need to do so. In the early 1970s doctor’s would prescribe dianabol to anyone who simply wanted to build muscle. This is exactly how Arnold Schwarzenegger used to get his steroid stash (10).

However, after the Anabolic Steroids control act in 1990, if users want to take dianabol now – they have to source it themselves.

D-Bal however, is a legal alternative to dianabol, approved by the FDA. Click here for more info on D-Bal.

Typical Results

It’s been shown that androgenic steroids (like dianabol) can improve a users athletic performance, which applies to everyday people and athletes. A study conducted in 1975 proved that Dianabol did aid athletic performance (11) but at elite levels it only makes a marginal difference of 1% improvement. Although this can still be the difference between winning and losing.

But the question everyone wants to know is – how much muscle can you expect to gain from a dianabol cycle?

There haven’t been many studies which detail dianabol’s effect on muscle growth. However, it’s common for users to experience a gain of 7-14lbs from a 4 week cycle. How much you gain will depend on your genetics and your experience. Guys who haven’t cycled dianabol before will gain more than users who’ve been cycling it for years.

Also if you’ve never taken steroids before, and you use dianabol for the first time, you may gain 30+ pounds, but this only applies to newbies.

This is all based on average dose of 30-35mg each day. Newbies may respond exceptionally well on a dose much less than this.

After your cycle has finished, bodybuilders typically retain 50% of the weight they gained on-cycle. The weight you lose is predominantly water retention.

Also your gains will depend on your genetics, as you get guys who respond freakishly well to steroids; and equally when they come off them they shrink back down like a balloon with no helium.

Results also depend on the dose of the cycle. Generally, if you’ve already taken a few cycles before; the more you take, the more potent the effects (both positive and negative).

If you haven’t taken steroids before, and you want to take a dianabol-only cycle, it’s advised to start on smaller dosages (10mg a day) and increase your dose slowly. Also make sure you’re taking the necessary precautions and by getting blood work done by your doctor and monitoring your hormone levels.

Before and After Pictures

Here’s a before and after picture of Calum Von Moger, who we believe is taking/has taken dianabol, due to his smooth and full muscle bellies.

This is the type of gains you can expect to achieve if you take dianabol for several cycles, and stack it with other powerful AAS.

Note: You won’t get as jacked as Calum unless you’re currently as big as him in the before picture.

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Calum’s also known for idolizing Arnold Schwarzenegger, which gives our theory more weight in regards to him specifically taking dianabol to make these gains.

Pills vs Injections

Like most anabolic steroids, dianabol can be taken either orally or injected. There are pros and cons to each and it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each, before making a decision to take this compound.

Orals are very popular because they’re easy to take and involve less hassle, compared to needles which require more time and knowledge. Needles also require a better hygiene protocol and the correct technique when injecting i.e inserting into the correct location.

Lots of beginners, new to anabolic steroids, will opt for dianabol in pill form; as it’s a less invasive means of getting the steroid into the body. The downside is that taking pills can increase liver strain, as it’s unable to easily break down the AAS; which can lead to liver disease, jaundice, amongst other potential side effects.

The other option is to inject dianabol; the advantage with this method is that the steroid enters the bloodstream quicker and your body will be able to utilize more of the dose.

There are lots of things to consider when opting for injections, such as:

Sterility – users should only use new pins and thus shouldn’t share. It’s important that the pins don’t make contact with anything that can be transferred onto the pin. This will reduce infections, which can be very painful and halt your training (potentially for weeks).

Barrell – you need the correct needle for drawing the dianabol into the barrel and then another needle for injecting. You will also need sterile swabs to further prevent infection and surface damage.

Safe Needles – you can get needles and barrels from your local needle exchange.

Injection area – most users either inject into the glutes, thighs, chest, or shoulders. Although the technique is very similar for each muscle it’s important to get it right. For further information on this topic, read this in-depth post on how to inject steroids.

Optimal Dosage

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The optimal dosage for dianabol will depend on a persons experience in regards to steroid-use. Some people will be able to handle more, whilst beginners will be more at risk.

A typical dose for Dianabol is between 30-50mg each day, with a cycle usually lasting from 4-6 weeks.

Beginners can take anywhere from 10-30mg per day. Note: 10mg is an extremely cautious dose Once a user starts taking 30mg per day, this is usually enough to see noticeable improvements in both strength and size.

In order to assess tolerance it’s recommend that users start on lower dosages and build up slowly over time. For example a beginner (first time user) may start with 30mg during their first cycle, then increase it to 40mg on their next cycle, and then 50mg on their third cycle. This will allow their body to adapt to the harsh effects of dianabol, helping to prevent any long term damage.

More experienced users (including bodybuilding pros) can take up to 100mg per day. Note: this is a very high dose and not recommended. These users are usually very experienced and have a high threshold for anabolic substances, either down to genetics or through years of previous steroid cycles.

Experienced users may also run other steroids alongside dianabol, including deca-durabolin, testosterone or primobolan. These AAS are believed to enhance their dianabol cycle.

Dbol Cycles

As mentioned above most dianabol cycles last between 4-6 weeks, although some users will either extend this period to 8-12 weeks, or shorten the period (2-4 weeks). For example professional bodybuilders may run Dianabol for 8 weeks at much higher dosages (80mg+ per day) although this isn’t recommend and will increase the severity of side effects.

In comparison, cautious users may only run dbol for 2-3 weeks to test the waters and take a smaller dose of 30mg per day.

A common protocol to mitigate the negative side effects of dianabol, such as lowered testosterone levels, is to run testosterone alongside dianabol (and continue taking test after your cycle).

Beginner Cycle

A simple protocol for a beginner is to start off with 30mg of dianabol per day for 4-6 weeks. For enhanced gains you could run testosterone (500mg/week) alongside dbol.

Dianabol will shut down your testosterone levels, however by adding test into the equation, you’ll be able to keep your testosterone levels high during and after taking dianabol.

A beginner cycle can look like the following:

Weeks 1-4: 30mg of Dianabol each day

Weeks 1-12: 500mg of testosterone each week

Intermediate Cycle

Weeks 1-6: 40-50mg Dianabol per day

Weeks 1-12: 400mg Deca Durabolin per week

Weeks 1-12: take 500mg of testosterone each week

Advanced Cycle

Weeks 1-6: take 80-100mg Dianabol per day

Weeks 1-12: Deca Durabolin – take 500-600mg per week

Weeks 1-12: 1000mg of testosterone each week



The price of Dianabol can vary, depending on the pharmaceutical company and the dealer you buy from. The cost of dianabol for a bodybuilder will be more compared to a patient who’s been prescribed dbol by a doctor; because the bodybuilder cannot source their steroids directly from the pharmaceutical company (as it’s ilegal); whereas the doctor can.

The higher the dose you need, the more your cycle will cost. However, typical prices of dianabol are:

25mg x 60 pills = $60.

The same pricing applies to smaller dosed tablets, so:

10mg x 150 pills = $60

So, if you’re a beginner and want to take 30mg of dianabol for 4 weeks, this will cost approx $40.

If you’re an advanced user and want to take 100mg of dbol a day for 6 weeks, this will cost $180.

If you find a dealer who sells for much less than this be wary, also if you’re offered dianabol for a much higher price than this – you can get it cheaper.


Here’s a few reviews from people who have taken dianabol so you can get an insight into what it’s like to take this steroid:

One weight lifter on the muscletalk forum discusses his 4 week dianabol cycle in detail, sharing the pros (12):

  • Gained 18-20lbs
  • Good overall size increase
  • Strength increases in most exercises by 10-20kg
  • Harder muscles
  • Huge pumps
  • Kept most of the weight

But he also shares the downsides too like:

  • Lost his appetite
  • Became irritable
  • Felt ill on some days
  • Pumps too big (painful) towards the end of cycle
  • Facial bloat

In another thread on the same forum, several men share their experiences of taking dianabol (13). The general consensus is that 20lbs+ of weight gain is common, and it’s normal to retain 50-75% of this. It’s also common for a user to feel ‘unfit’ from taking dianabol, which can be attributed to a spike in blood pressure, as well as retaining more water.

In a few rare instances, you’ll see forum threads where people say they bought dianabol, but it didn’t do anything. In these instances, it’s clear the user was sold a placebo instead of real methandrostenolone. This is why it’s super important to find a good supplier, as not only could you be taking a placebo pill, but also a dangerous unknown substance.

Dianabol for Sale (Where Do Bodybuilders Buy it?)


Bodybuilders can buy dianabol online if they find a verified or recommended source. However, it’s more common to buy steroids in person from someone you know.

If you train at a bodybuilding gym there’s a high chance someone in your gym will know a trustable source. Training at these gyms and asking around is what most guys do, when trying to buy dianabol.

Some bodybuilders (especially professional one’s) may have connections in the medical industry, for example a private doctor whom they pay to get their steroids from. The doctor will then monitor their health statistics like blood pressure, and do regular blood work to check hormones, etc. This is illegal, but there are rumours that top pros have the finances, connections and resources to do this.

Other bodybuilders make their own steroids, which if they have the knowledge can be easier, more reliable and cheaper than buying on the black market (as you cut out the middle man).

Risks When Buying

When you buy from an unknown source on the black market it’s often a big leap of faith.

For example, how do you know how much Dianabol is actually in each pill? Some pills may claim to be 50mg of dianabol but only have 10mg in them, containing bulking agents and other fillers which dilute the product and reduce the quality.

Legal D-Bol (D-Bal)

Another option for those interested in taking steroids, is to opt for legal alternatives. For example, a company called Crazy Bulk has designed a legal version of Dianabol called D-Bal.

D-bal claims to mimic the effects of Methandrostenolone, otherwise known as Dianabol.

Legal steroids are legal versions of steroids that are FDA approved. These anabolics don’t come with the same harsh side effects of anabolic steroids, and are made up of powerful natural ingredients.

Although there’s little scientific research as to whether legal steroids (like D-Bal) work, from unbiased customer reviews; it’s clear that their products are working for many people.

We recommend people try D-Bal before purchasing dianabol, as you could experience the gains you’re looking for without putting your health at risk (and breaking the law).

“My Chest Feels and Looks a Lot Bigger”

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“I Would Definitely Recommend D-Bal Tablets From CrazyBulk”

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“My Favourite Supplement. Muscles Feel Pumped All Day”

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Will I Keep My Gains?

It’s unlikely you’ll keep all of the weight you gain from dianabol, as you’ll lose water weight that you accumulated during your cycle.

However, users do report keeping most of their gains from dianabol, and there’s evidence to suggest that muscle growth from steroids is permanent (14).

Running a shrewd PCT after your cycle, and stacking dianabol with other bulking compounds such as testosterone will also increase the chances of you retaining your muscle gains post-cycle.

Also eating a high protein diet and training with the same frequency/intensity after your cycle is crucial in keeping your body composition.

However, it’s normal to lose some size, so don’t have a panic attack if you lose 1/4″ on your arms a week after your cycle.

Is Dianabol Safe?

No anabolic steroid is safe. There are always risks when you take something as powerful as dianabol. Although death is possible it’s rare, however it’s very likely users will experience side effects as already mentioned in this article.

The risks increase if you take higher dosages and cycle for excessive periods of time. Also if you’re genetically susceptible to liver disease, or high blood pressure, then you need to be even more cautious. Also if you’re not already in good health, taking dianabol will only exacerbate this problem

Steroids are a personal choice, and it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons. If you do decide to take dianabol, you have to accept there could be consequences later down the road. It’s also important to start with smaller dosages and increase slowly over time.

Can I Drink Alcohol Whilst Taking it?

Alcohol is definitely not recommend when taking dianabol, especially if a user is taking oral tablets. The liver will already be under lots of stress and alcohol will only exacerbate the issue.

You hear of people taking oral Dianabol and then going out and consuming copious amount of alcohol on a weekend. This is a recipe for disaster and in worse case scenarios will cause liver failure, or irreversible liver damage.

When taking potentially dangerous steroids (like dianabol), you have to be very strict with your lifestyle, which could mean cutting out all alcohol consumption, over the counter medications or/and cigarettes, which may further stress your liver.

Some bodybuilders take a liver support stack, during/after a steroid cycle. Common supplements they use are:

  • Tauroursodeoxycholic acid
  • Milk thistle
  • Schizandra
  • Phyllanthus Niruri
  • Resveratrol
  • N-acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

Can I Use D-Bol for Cutting?

Dianabol can be used for cutting but it’s not recommended, as dianabol is very effective for building muscle (with little fat-burning effects). Thus to get the most from your dbol cycle, you’d want to compliment it with a high calorie diet.

More popular steroid choices for fat loss are winstrol, anavar, and trenbolone.

Also users will experience some water retention when taking Dianabol, which isn’t the ideal look for cutting. During this phase, bodybuilders want to achieve a dry, ripped physique; not one which may looks bloated, with smooth muscle bellies.

Will I pass a drugs test?

Steroids can be detected in urine samples, thus it’s not advised to to take dianabol if your job incolves being drug-tested. For example in both the police and fire service it wouldn’t be advised because if you get caught you can lose your job.

However, to be certain, you can find out what substances they’re testing for.

Oral dianabol can stay in your system for up to 5-6 weeks. Injectable dianabol can stay in your body for 5 months or longer. Thus if you’re in a job like this and you get plenty of notice before your test, you might be able to stop cycling oral dianabol and be clean in time for the test.

Is it suitable for beginners?

It’s not advisable for anyone to take steroids. However, if you’re going to go down this path, oral dianabol is a popular choice amongst beginners.

However, steroids shouldn’t be taken by anyone with less than 3 years training experience.

Is Dianabol the best steroid for muscle growth?

Quite possibly yes. Anadrol is also a very powerful steroid for building muscle, and so is trenbolone. Every bodybuilder will have a different opinion as to which steroid is the best; but dianabol is the most popular steroid for a reason.

Also you have to consider the side effects of different steroids. Anadrol and trenbolone are notoriously bad for side effects; and dianabol less-so. Thus many bodybuilders would say that dianabol is the best steroid for muscle growth.

Why is my Dianabol not working?

Answer: Because it’s not real dianabol.

There are lots of fake and poor quality dianabol products on the black market, due to unethical dealers and scammers. For example, you may buy 50mg of dianabol tablets but only 5mg of this might be real dbol.

This is the only situation where ‘dianabol’ won’t work, because real dianabol is incredibly powerful. So, if your dianabol isn’t working it’s because it’s either a fake or you’re not taking the dose you’ve been lead to believe. In both of these instances you need to change your source.

Have you ever taken dianabol or D-Bal before? Share your experience in the comments below.

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