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10 Spectacular Similarities Between Bodybuilding and the Pick Up Industry

10 Spectacular Similarities Between Bodybuilding and the Pick Up Industry

The pick-up industry and bodybuilding share more layers and mechanisms than it appears at first sight. Like wood and stone, they have different structures, but if the colors are flowing, the elements compliment each other nicely.

It’s not a coincidence that the scholars of each craft collaborate frequently. After all, men seeking self-improvement for one primary reason, to appeal to women, form the cores of both specialties.

Bodybuilding and strength training can technically occupy another context, but for most men, external admiration is the most common motivation to join the legion fighting gravity.

In this post, I will present 10 spectacular similarities between bodybuilding and the pick up industry.

1. They offer you a path to an alternate reality but deliver…..

The pick-up and the muscle industry want to seduce you with surreal images. They promise you stunning girls and barbaric muscle mass.

The average pick-up apprentice lives a life fully opposing to that of a regular brah. The suave masters have created a reality for themselves that you could only dream of. All the girls that you see, they can have them. Ok. Maybe not all of them but most.

While you are playing LoL or WoW, they are practicing a different kind of game – the one that gets you the warmth you have always wanted. And if you are willing to do what they tell you, you might just get it.

Sounds familiar? With a few different words, the copy above could find itself in a bodybuilding advert.

Muscle construction is also based on the idea that you can have something larger than life – something that neither your family nor the average losers around you can touch.

The gatekeepers promise you a physique capable of producing glorious admiration. The average kid sees a solution to everything in the muscle shield and invests.

In both cases, we observe alternate realities that appeal heavily to the ordinary male suffocated by monetary and social depression.

The sexual adventures and the respect that pick-up techniques and large arms can produce feel like a logical cure. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. One thing is certain, though – those alternate realities manifest only for a small minority of people. In both cases, the actual conditions that will lead to the promised results are different than the originally presented blueprints.

Your success as a pick-up artist is based on two fundamentals:

a. Your appearance – the more attractive you are physically according to the built-in beauty meter in the average female, the more they love you;

b. Money – the richer you are, the easier it is to arrange the necessary material ecosystem (e.g., apartment, car…etc.) for grand sex.

The popular principles of pick-up like “negging”, “holding frame” and others could be helpful, but they are details rather than foundation. They cannot compensate fully for shortages in the previous departments. They are similar to bodybuilding supplements – additions rather than workhorses.

When it comes to bodybuilding, steroids and genetics play the respective roles of money and looks. The men with the nicest physiques are those who have good genes and take drugs.

The average natural man does not enjoy the status of celebrities. For him, the original strategy produces neither a harem nor the body stats of a fitness model or a bodybuilder. There is an effect in the desired direction, but in both situations, it is not nearly as massive as the reports suggest.

2. The plan allegedly works for everybody except it doesn’t.

The sellers of hope will tell you to ignore the lines above. They prefer the crowd to be of the opinion that a properly executed routine in the gym or in front of a girl results in extremely satisfying results for everybody. This simply isn’t the case. You can’t equalize people. There isn’t a factory that can turn anything into everything.

They keep this a secret because despair does not multiply their clients. Hope does that. It’s all business. The plot maximizes profit while remaining politically correct.

Just like the personal trainer feeding you silly exercises to activate some ultra-secret fibers, the pick-up coach spams you with his sexual conquests while lying to you that you can compensate for your poverty or looks by negging some girl.

To keep the dream alive, the mainstream muscle media relies on images of men on steroids. The pick-up industry is also artificially conditioning you to believe in miracles. They do it with help of hired actors, paid fiction writers and psychology based reassurance.

In both cases, the natural reality is far different than the promises made to you.

3. Both resemble a pyramid scheme

The pyramidal structure of the muscle industry is presented in this post.

The pick-up community operates similarly. It creates the illusion that the average man can ascend to phenomenal heights in his quest for attracting partners. He can improve to the point where women throw themselves at him. Those who master game will have the ability to rotate bitches like shoes.

There are videos showcasing men kissing random women a few minutes upon meeting. It wouldn’t take you a long time in the approach game to realize how impossible that is except in two situations:

a. A staged environment.

b. Ultra-rare conditions e.g., a super attractive male meets a super horny girl at the right place.

And while very few buy this nonsense, the imagery still has an impact on your subconscious mind just like the photos of pro bodybuilders. Many boys sign up for the self-improvement classes that can make you a “slayer”.

Once they are in the pick-up system, the masterminds try to exploit their naivety, ignorance and wishful thinking by selling them products with varying effectiveness. Among those are fiction books presented as true stories, dick pumps, penis enlargement systems, over-thought texting manuals…etc. Some of those products may have some value, but they are not part of the fundamentals – money and looks.

If members of a community start to criticize it, they are silenced and ridiculed by individuals occupying the higher levels of the pyramid.

Those at the top have stopped deploying the tactics they are selling long ago because they realize how ineffective they are. But since they benefit from the work of the minions below them, they let the circus go.

Every year, new recruits join the camp and try to become “gangsters” by buying the right clothes.

4. Weakness catalyzes the effect. 

In both cases, the primary “investors” are vulnerable men up for the taking. Selling protein powder to kids who haven’t tasted the real nastiness of life is easier.

Ultimately, both industries need you in a state of ignorance, distraction and weakness to trick you. You can never con a man who knows what’s up.

5. Those who profit the least, try the hardest.

A mesomorph feels the least need to lift. He is big by default. Yet he is also the one enjoying the most compliments and attention once he enters the gym.

Meanwhile, the skinny ectomorphs do “hardgainer” routines and break their bones to lift barbells that their frames were never designed for only to be asked frequently whether they even train.

The same property describes the men who benefit the most from “red pill” pick-up tactics. Those would be individuals who are already high-value thanks to their looks and money.

Ultimately, the men who invest the most in their pick-up careers are those who profit the least. You gotta love this world.

6. They sell useless products.

Every fitness sensation launches a supplement line eventually. The new powders are supposed to be different than the older generation but are not. There may by some improvement in flavor and mixing, but the end result is still the same – protein powder is protein powder; creatine is creatine; The signature of a pro on the box does not change that. When you add the five-page e-books telling you how to do biceps curls, you have a recipe for garbage return on your investment.

7. They focus on variables that don’t matter.

I don’t have the nerves to tolerate training videos. I have heard the secret one too many times. Some things in life are fun only the first 100 times you do them. Listening to a pro explaining how to do a lat pull-down is one of them.

The scholars constantly talk about training and nutrition for one reason only – it’s safe [politically correct] and easy. Very few dare to touch the dark subjects. They prefer to continue with the baby talk about hip drive, muscle activation and other baloney. It suits the agenda. If they were to focus on the real force, their empires would collapse.

They sell you a different way to achieve the same thing – a good body. The barbell elitists push barbell training; the bodybuilders push machine and pump; the bodyweight guys give you push-ups and pull-ups. Those are just details no different than political candidates. People can elect whoever they want. The controllers win regardless of your choice. They don’t gamble. They are the house. And as you know – the house always ends up on top.

Pick-up is not very different. The masters would tailor your text messages, tell you what kinds of clothes to buy, maybe even give you a discount on a new “alpha” perfume, but they won’t make you fundamentally more attractive or richer. In fact, they will make you poorer.

8. They always criticize the user rather than the program in case of failure.

If a program succeeds, it’s genius.

If a program fails, the user is doing it wrong.

Sounds familiar? Yeah, we have already seen the movie – a kid starts doing the latest routine only to stagnate at mediocre numbers and bath in criticism coming from those who “did it right”.

This is one of the reasons why many programs implement multiple requirements. They want to create more opportunities for you to fail and blame yourself rather than the creators. It works.

The same applies to pick-up. If an approach ends up in rejection, it’s always YOUR fault. You didn’t do what you were supposed to. You said the wrong thing at the wrong time. You are not wearing the right clothes. You are letting emotions surface. You are not holding your composure.

It’s always you. It’s never them.

Ironically, when you win, they always explain your success with their phenomenal programs. More often than not the program is nothing special, but the user still gets results thanks to his genetics and perseverance.

9. A strong population of loyal house slaves.

Some slaves betray their own brothers for a marginally better treatment e.g., sleeping in the stable instead of in the field. The tense of the verb is correct since those people exist to this very day.

The same concept finds an interpretation in bodybuilding and pick-up. There are many natties who would never reach the level of their idols and yet continue to buy questionable products and defend the masters from criticism. Those men are ridiculed by the industry just like everybody else but for some reason keep serving the agenda.

What is the benefit for them?

Some don’t get anything. They do it because they don’t know any better and would rather believe the oppressors than their own class. Others are affiliates and receive some form of remuneration.

10. Lots of fake stories

On the Internet, everyone is boosting their stats – from lifts to girls. If you don’t believe me, just go to the gym and observe. Where are the people benching 225lbs on their first day? Where are the uncles deadlifting 700lbs naturally?

In the digital age, people take great pride in their online image. We want to look as good as possible for the strangers stalking us. People are afraid to be themselves (average) online. Offline you can’t hide it, but the Internet gives you an opportunity to change your story.

The dudes constantly reminding you of their harems are lying too. Can you imagine a guy who is consistently getting girls dwell on multiple pick-up forums?

Ask yourself this – who are those places attracting? They appeal primarily to men who are actually struggling with women. The success stories resembling porn scripts are as true as people’s e-lifts.

You don’t have to believe me. Years ago, I was a dreamer too.