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Are Men Taking Steroids ALPHA or BETA?

Are Men Taking Steroids ALPHA or BETA?

Once upon a time, there was a lion pack of six known as the Mapogo lions. They were all brothers and dominated their territory like no one has ever done. You can think of them as villains in a Western wrecking a town and taking over.

At the beginning, the leader of the pride was Makhulu – a dark mane alpha lion making the decisions. His brother, Mr. T was the most rebellious of them all. He couldn’t accept the authority of Makhulu and had to leave the pride. He took his bro for life, Kinky Tale, on the mission and ruled over another region.

In the lion family tree, there’s no place for step kids. When a male lion scares off the previous leader of a pride – he kills his cubs. Lions would rather go extinct than raise some other guy’s offspring. Now, compare that to the mindset of the modern males who lead polyamorous relationships and watch their girlfriends get sexed by other men to realize how beta we have become.

Mr. T a.k.a. Satan was the most vicious on the block. He would not only kill the cubs of his predecessor but also eat them. He was also known to murder lionesses if they weren’t submissive enough.

Mr.T was not the prettiest of the group nor the strongest. Both of his brothers, Pretty Boy and Makhulu, had defeated him in a fight.  Nonetheless, his desire to dominate was above all else. He accomplished his goal with the help of his brother Kinky Tale.

Their reign, however, came to an end when a pack of four strong lions infiltrated their territory and eliminated Kinky Tale. After the defeat, Mr. T went back to his other four brothers. They accepted him, even Makhulu. One would think that Mr. T would become mellow, but he didn’t. He killed the children of his brothers and started to dominate the pride.

In the end, a pack of younger lions from another pride attacked Mr. T and his brothers. Makhulu was too old to fight and Pretty boy was injured. The invaders singled out Mr. T. They were going to kill him. It was 100% certain. But even in his last battle, he was an alpha. His rear legs were paralyzed and four lions were biting him periodically. He was still roaring – not crying.

Many consider Mr. T the most alpha lion that has ever been documented while others think he was a psychopath. He was both.

Can we extract the alpha traits of a lion and apply them to men? Maybe in some other era, the answer would be yes. Today, that’s not the case because we are playing a different game.

People live in a society that resembles a farm. We are not wild animals anymore. We have been domesticated. Transforming into a savage lion will not give you the status you would like. The play is more complicated.

For us, it is more important to appear a certain way rather than to be that way in reality. In the human world, you can look like an alpha and be accepted as such without actually carrying the internal routing of one. That cannot happen in the animal kingdom. You either deliver or you don’t.

Many steroid users seem to be the epitome of an alpha bro. After all, anabolic steroids enhance the vast majority of external male qualities – strength, muscle mass, assertiveness…etc.  Yet there are many roiders who live in the body of an alpha without being one. This is precisely why many muscular dudes give vibes of insecurity and low self-esteem – they are faking their status and still lack the necessary inner strength. They count on external admiration to carry themselves through life.

Another important factor in human society is how successful you are at playing the economic game, especially if you are a male. The world hates men without money. You are considered a loser who should kill himself. Of course, people would react negatively to this statement, but those reactions mean absolutely nothing. Look at the actions. The average human would certainly not classify a beggar as an alpha.

For that reason, many rich men can also be considered alpha despite holding a series of beta tendencies inside of them.

What is the driving force to take steroids?

To change. To enhance yourself and become something that you otherwise could never be. By introducing the needle to your life, you are admitting that your natural self is not enough and you have to amplify yourself with the help of performance enhancers. If you believed that you are good enough as it is, you wouldn’t feel a need to change your hormonal profile. You would just live.

Men do not take steroids for fun. Men do it because they understand that this is the price to obtain an extraterrestrial physique. It’s a sacrifice. Nobody would inject if it was possible to get as big naturally. If squats were as good as tren, everybody would be squatting day and night. But this isn’t the case. Reality is different and we can’t do absolutely anything to change it. The road to huge massive muscles includes steroids.

Why would someone want to obtain the muscular look? Two reasons – domination and physical attractiveness. That’s the truth. Health is not on the motivation list.

The pinners are not doing it just for themselves. They are molding into a shape that will hopefully trigger a certain pallet of emotions within other people. This raises the question – are roiders alpha if they are willing to put their balls on the line for others’ approval?

By definition, an alpha does not change for anyone. You think Mr. T cared that he was arguably the ugliest among his brothers? Would he have taken steroids to become even more intimidating? It’s a 50/50 situation. On one side, his ego was too massive to let him think that he wasn’t enough as it is. On the other, his desire to be the best was too big to let him overlook a chance to become even stronger. Guess, what? He is alpha in both situations. Through his filter, both decisions have alpha traits.

The same applies to people. Some men who refuse to take steroids are indeed alpha. They don’t see a need to change themselves so drastically to obtain a certain look and keep living the way nature intended for them. Others take steroids not because they are total losers without them but because their drive to become even more dominating is too high.

There are also those who refuse to take steroids not because they are too alpha and have a high self-esteem but due to fear and overthinking. Of course, there are many “betas” among the needle samurai too. Those would be the men who take steroids to fake an alpha status while remaining more beta than a kid crying over the color of a phone.

Which group is dominant among the steroid users? I think it’s the fakers. Most people who take steroids do not feel alpha enough in their default state and look for a way to obtain a more attractive envelope.

Which group is prominent among naturals? I doubt it’s the one made of people who feel fine in their own skin. Given a chance most natural lifters would be bigger. It just happens that most don’t want to bother with steroids due to the complexity of the regimes and the possible side effects. It’s not that naturals see themselves as super complete. We just want to play it safe.

Conclusion: Alphas form the minority rather than the majority in both groups.

The Other Definition of Alpha

In some cases, alpha is considered whatever’s attractive to women. The pick-up community has certainly embraced this definition. They want to turn you into an alpha boy because this is considered the key to female attention in all of its forms. If women find someone appealing, he has to be alpha.

It makes sense because on a biological level most women are attracted to masculinity. However, the modern females and those in the past do not share the same social conditioning. The economic game, feminism and various forms of cultural brainwashing have changed the pathways through which women find men as well as the selection criteria.

Many men who were high value before would not cut it today. The requirements have gone up in all departments – looks, money, status…etc. Once upon a time having a car, any car, was enough. Today, the model matters too.

But the external is not the only affected region. The ideology that a man should embrace according to women is different too. If once it was alpha to be a nationalist, today that makes you a simpleminded racist because this is what the movies say.

In other words, the female definition of alpha is floating due to propaganda and manipulation.

Are steroid users alpha according to women? It all depends on the looks of the individual and his place in society. If you are sufficiently tall, rich and handsome, your steroid-induced muscles will enhance your alpha status. If you are short, bald and get severe acne from your roid abuse, you will be labeled as an overcompensating beta loser who should “overcome his insecurities” by finding the right hobby.

Do you see the pattern? Your actions do not matter. All that matters is how you look and how well you are on an economical level. If you get those two things right, women will consider you attractive.

But does this make you an alpha?

You could certainly appear alpha and successful while actually being a man submissive to society who has acquired status through a combination of good genetics and some degree of effort and sacrifice.

Meanwhile, you can also be an action-based alpha considered a beta by the entire world. Real-life rebels are not appreciated by this hallucination-focused society and often end up occupying a hole in the ground or a cage.

Another beta trait of men who want to please the woman heart is their shape-shifting capability. How alpha is it to modulate the way you look and behave to the maximum so that you can attract females? It is certainly a proactive endeavor but does not fit the strict definition of alpha. You are becoming what they want you to be. This is submission.

In Conclusion

Taking steroids does not make you an alpha or a beta by default. The context and the driving motivation decide that.